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Ms. Schroer
Ms. Schroer
Kristin Schroer Locker

Kristin Schroer

Class Information

English 11 and 12


Email Address: this is the best way to contact me in order to receive a timely response. I am not always available by phone, but I do check my school email on a daily basis. 


My office hours: Period 6, lunch and after school by appointment. 


Location: Room 104- Delta High


Classes: AVID, 12 CP English, 11CP English, AP English (both Lit and Language).


You can view curriculum for my class via student syllabi, which details the full curriculum and due dates. For juniors and seniors, there is a second detailed syllabi for major projects: Senior Research Project and Junior Research Project. I strongly encourage parents to fully read the syllabus and write down due dates in order to keep students on track. These last two years are critical!

Current Assignments